Welcome Soul Seekers



Our mission is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering women to discover their highest

self and fulfill their

soul purpose.  

We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey together as empowered women.


Books help with personal growth, our culture, our motherhood, our marriages, & our faith.  Reading books will help us grow our journey into a metaphysical and spiritual place and build a life that is anchored in faith.


We are a diverse, multi-generational, community of forward thinking, visionary women.  

We are a soul collective cultivating oneness with Spirit and honoring the Divine Feminine.


We share a passion for personal growth, inner awakening, and expanding our world views.  We do this through creative expression,workshops, spiritual and self-care practices, course work, retreats, healing circles, and community giving.

Give Back to The Sisterhood

If our mission calls to you, please consider one of the donation options below.  

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