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Psychic Medium

Christine Engblom will be offering a group reading via zoom and will also help teach the group how they can connect with their loved ones directly. She is an intuitive and medium who has facilitated intuitive and mediumship development workshops for the past three years.
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Psychic Medium

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Sep 10, 2020, 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM
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From our Presenter:

Hello! I am Christine Engblom and I have had experiences with spirit since a very young age. With a lifetime of extraordinary experiences that has sent me on a journey of soul searching for answers about life, death and the afterlife, I have been actively developing my intuition and mediumship abilities for years and have been facilitating a local intuitive development circle for the past 3 years. My intention with all of the work that I do, whether it’s with Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Hypnotherapy Soul Journeys, or workshops, is to help normalize the experiences of seemingly paranormal experiences, within our culture that has greatly stigmatized such people and experiences.

Many individuals who are sensitive and empathic tend to struggle with energy in their life, much like I had. However, after learning about energy and intuition and how it works, I began to turn my life around. In these times of massive upheaval and change, those that are sensitive tend to be the most impacted energetically, spiritually and emotionally, and having knowledge and tools to help balance energy within ourselves is paramount to our success as individuals so that we can live more empowered and intentional lives. My intention is to help individuals connect with their own loved ones directly.  I believe that every single person has the ability to receive messages from spirit, and that the main two prerequisites for being able to do so is; first, being open to the possibility that it is in fact possible, and second, is having a desire to connect with your loved ones in spirit.

My primary focus with mediumship is as a teacher rather than a reader, however I have been guided on this path to fully develop my own mediumship skills so that I can be the best teacher for others. Spirit, a term I use to describe anyone who has passed over, comes to us to aid in our healing. Their desire is one thing, to help us resolve what might be unresolved within us so that we can be fully present and live meaningful joyful lives. Every medium works differently and thus, I wish to introduce my methods and way of connecting with spirit. When I open to communicate with spirit, I simply allow myself to raise my energy to meet the spirit in the middle of the physical earth reality and their reality in spirit. They come to me and I simply relay what is being impressed upon my soul senses. The soul senses are clairvoyance (clear inner sight), claircognizance (clear inner knowing), clairsentience (clear inner feeling), clairaudience (clear inner hearing), clairgustance (clear inner tasting), clairailience (clear inner smelling), retro and precognitions (visions of the past or future).Each spirit has its strengths in communicating with different soul senses and each medium has their strengths and weaknesses with each of the soul senses.

An effective communication depends on both the spirits ability to transmit energy and the mediums ability to understand the energy and communicate it in a discernable way to the living soul who is getting the reading. It is a three-way conversation between the sitter (person getting the reading), the reader (the medium) and spirit (discarnate persons soul).The process is a lot like a game of charades, where the spirit is relaying information via energy and the medium is trying to interpret and appropriately communicate that translation to the sitter. It is then the process of the sitter either to understand what is being relayed and/or let the medium know if it is not making sense to them, to which the medium and spirit will further clarify what is trying to be relayed. Sometimes the souls that come to us are not the ones we may have been expecting. As a medium I do not direct which soul will come through but merely open to who is most pressing for you at this time in your life to communicate to you. This may be the soul of an old co-worker, or past schoolmate, or ex-lover. So when the process begins and information starts to flow through the medium, the sitter must remain open to reflect on any and all people they have known to pass over.

Another thing that often happens is a person who we barely knew in life may come through and deliver messages to you so that they can be relayed to a mutual connection between you and the spirit. For example, your husband’s uncle, to which you may have only met twice in your life, may come through and give you messages to relay to your husband. I have found that the right spirit shows up for the right reasons, and it is usually the most pressing communication that takes place. So unfortunately, those loved ones we loved so dearly and would love to say hello to may not show. This is not because they do not love you or wish to make their presence known, but simply, the souls that come through are the ones we need healing with the most. So instead of hearing from dearly loved favorite grandma, you may hear from the stepfather that you may have had a turbulent relationship with in life.

The last thing I would like to mention is about our expectations of the readings. The more we can detach from any preconceived ideas of what will take place and who you might connect with the easier it is for the medium and spirit to communicate freely. Your expectations or attachments to a desired outcome can impact the reading in a good or bad way, and I have found that those who are really just open to allow what wants to come through, tend to have the strongest connections and readings. Expectations or judgments about the process brings us into our ego and stops the flow of soul to soul communication. This is something I have had to really master within myself to be a better medium, but it translates to the sitter as well, since all of our energies impact the kind of connection that will take place. Some teachers describe this open minded non-judgmental stance as having a “child’s mind”, because it is a stance of curiosity and anticipation, not judgment and expectation, that allows us access to that expansive part of us, where our soul resides. I treat the practice of mediumship as a sacred act and set a sacred space before and after the reading process.

After the reading, I always advise sitters to remain aware and open to any direct communication from their loved ones for at least three days following a reading, because once you join a mediumship reading you have signaled to the spirit world that you are open and desire to communicate to them. Often the things that are said in the reading may not really land with you until some time after the reading as well, so bring a note pad and take notes so that you can go back to what was said later. Thank you all for allowing me to be the communicator for your loved ones in spirit.

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